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Alpha Notes

Jul 7, 2011 at 3:32 AM

Firstly, great work!  this is definitely a worthy rival for Omnimo for rainmeter, im sure over time it will be awesome.

Below I've outlined some notes, you've provided me many hours worth of customization's.


Some Ideas:

-Separate "people" from "whats new"

-I only have a small space to scroll through "people", and i can only do it at the bottom of the screen.  The top of the screen doesn't work.

-To present a facebook widget which acts in a similar way to the time app.  Clicking on it will take you to the fullscreen "whats new" page

-Option to load at startup, that way I won't have to look at my desktop at all.  (most people dont know how to set the option themselves)

-Ability to lock all tiles, I bump them quite often.


Awesome Ideas

-"Win8Menu" functionality, flicking through programs from the left side.  A Bar on the right side you can slide out with various shortcuts (pinned apps, websites and etc under a sub option)  The bar on the right would have a start button bringing up Mosaic.

Win8Menu may or may not be discontinued, there has been no response from the developer as yet.

-"Start" text item, logoff/userpic and shutdown/restart icons as presented in this pic:  

I would expect them to be static items.


Really Awesome Idea's

-Built-in file explorer: One of the main reasons i downloaded this program is because I'm sick of the traditional windows control methods.  I work full time on my pc and quite often have to go browsing through folders.  Using libraries you could make something really cool in mosaic.  Willing to talk about how I can help!


Thank you for Mosaic!