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facebook possibilitys

Jul 22, 2011 at 12:39 AM

i love the profile hubs of a friends added tile it would be nice to view that when clicking on a friend in the people hub witch should be renamed facebook hub as thats what it is lol

it would be nice to brows through the comments and view the profile of someone i found with out having to go to a web browser.

and an obvious addition would to be able to leave comments in the hubs i like how you can click on the number to expand comments another button like that with the three dots which expands a text field and a onscreen keypad would be perfect.

another addition would be great is to view peoples pictures and maybe even videos on the profile hubs

if it possable to have facebook games played in mosaic you could make a games tile and hub that list all facebook games with screen captures beside them, one click expands the game from the image size to how ever large moving the others aside making that game usable. clicking another game in the hub expands that game too making them both usable. a fullscreen button to make the one game full screen would be cool, it would be cool to have the most recent games played appear in the first column so you dont have to search every time.

facebook chat could be use as a built in im chat that would be bloody brilliant. id like to see the icons that are used in the real windows 8 lock screen that show new emails ims and what i thing is video messages but instead id prefer to see a download count of thats currently downloading

the only other thing missing in the facebook hub is a search person and to add people from there

with all this id never need to use actual facebook again


one other thing id like to see in the lock screen that would be great besides it autolock like a normal screen saver is media content and control

to have prev, next, play, pause buttons and a sound bar just under the message icons would be perfect if it is possable to have a box under that of what ever is playing in windows media play like a video or a music visualizer that would be epic