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Sep 25, 2011 at 11:15 AM


Feature Requests -

100% right-click functionality.  I want to be able to right-click in free space within the program and be able to do any task the program is capable of.

Edit Tile(s)

Context Menu Right-Click a Tile > Edit - Change Image / Icon (Make it support .png, jpg, bmp, & .ico minimal)

Customizer's who would use this program would 110% want to change the image, background and/or icon.  The more features in this regard the better.

"Create a Tile" feature -

Being able to create a 100% custom tile makes the program much more useful, especially if it can launch any type of file.  

I want to be able to right click in free space, create a tile, define a image/icon, and pick the application, file and/or folder that launches it.  Don't limit what kind of file type is allowed and don't limit creating a tile to the side bar.  Again, a right-click feature.

Easy switching -

Allow a hotkey / key combination (ie. (shift ~) (shift-tab) etc. etc. that allows you to switch from mosaic to win desktop fast and easy.

Change screen mode -

Alt-enter -- Allows you to go from fullscreen mode to windowed mode with a minimize, maximize and exit feature like a 3d game usually does.

AeroSnap support -

Start + arrow key snaps mosiac to the side of the desktop

Drag & Drop functionality --

now that I've switched to windowed mode, snapped to the left, I want to be able to drag and drop a file that Mosaic instantly creates a tile of based on simple logic - if I drag a MS word file, its a tile of the MS word file icon that if clicked, launches that document.  If its an application, it uses the App Icon, etc etc.

Resize tiles -  add the resize arrows available on all windows that allows me to resize some tiles, maintaining aspect ration & snapping to a grid so they can stay evenly sized and organized.  make your own mosaic!

--Multi-Monitor Support needed


good luck with the program.