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How should I use more than one tile of the same widget?

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Nov 16, 2011 at 6:39 AM

As the name suggest, I want to use more than one of the same widget in my strip. I am trying to monitor the weather for a few different cities, but all with no luck.

  1. Adding the same widget twice
    • not possible. Clicking the same widget twice will delete it. (Should be how the author designed it)
  2. Creating multiple instances of the same widget by copying the <widget> line in the mosaic.config file:
    • works only once. The two tiles share the same settings file, so if I change the options on one, it is written into the .config file for that tile (which affects both instances created).
    • i.e. If I copy the <widget> line for the weather widget, I can get two tiles of weather widgets. Modifying the optionS can allow me to see weathers of two cities at the same time.
    • BUT when I go into hub mode, both displays the last-set city. If I restart Mosaic, both will show weather of the same city.
  3. Copying the widget files in the "widget" folder to actually have separate config files for each:
    • has the same problem as above.
    • Mosaic still recognizes them as the same widget and will only write settings to the first one found.


Is there a way, if at all possible, to actually create two Separate instances of the same widget?