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Remove menu buttons on the right

Topics: General Problem
Nov 11, 2014 at 1:31 PM
Hi everybody,

I'm using the Mosaic release 1.0.301.0.beta.110830-1429 thank you all for this job.
It performs exactly what I was looking for.
I modifiy options of the appearance in the file Mosaic.config this works fine.
I need you help to solve the below problem.

1°) I run mosaic at the startup of my computer.
2°) I launch an internet webpage using for example firefox (he below problem appears exactly in the same whay with an other software).
3°) When you want to close firefox you click on the button located in the top right angle (the X button).
4°) If you do not click exactly on the X button and for example you click just below, the mosaic appears and it shows the menu buttons.

Is there a way to solve this problem ?

Probably the below items may solve this problem but I do not know what is possible to do.

Is is possible for example to :
1°) Keep mosaic in the background.
2°) Desable the appearance of the button menu when you click on the right side of the mosaic (in fact enable the menu button only when you clic on the arrow located on the top right of the mosaic).

Thank you for your answer