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Mosaic Test Iconia W500

Jul 10, 2011 at 2:29 PM

Hi. First of all sorry for my bad english.

Congratulation for the great work!!!

I think that can be useful write the results of the various test of mosaic on my iconia w500 multitouch pad.

Test 1: v.264

i can't open right menu, then i must editthe config file to customize.

The application is not too heavy but scrolling effect is not fluid(I think because is not performed for touch input)

When I rotate the pad mosaic cover half of desktop.

anyway is the best interface i've tried for win7 pad use.^^

Test 2:v.272

Now i can open menu and customize my mosaic. The other "problems" persists.


If you think it's useful i can continue to post other test and impression... just say me.^^


Finally some suggestion that i think could make mosaic an awesome app for pad use:

- pin directory(not only app)

- control widget for volume, brightness and battery

- log on\off widget

- build-in filebrowser thath can place(by default, not after a noiose resizing) side by side two window(for move\copy operation)

- right bar with running app and\or bar with copy\paste\switch\close functions